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Nowadays many devices use the USB port in order to connect to anything, including when it comes to charging the battery. Having a wall plate with at least one USB plug socket included, will give you the ability to charge your smartphone, tablet, camera and any other such device which uses a USB port. This way you will no longer need multiple adapters, and the USB socket from the socket outlet plate will provide a dedicated feed to recharge your device.

Modern life relies heavily on technology today, and technology requires power. Your home wall sockets are already used constantly by other devices, and you always need to unplug something so you can charge your tablet or smartphone. Using the USB plug socket will put an end to that because you will be able to charge your favourite devices while also keeping the regular sockets free to be used by anything else. This way you no longer have to fight with your friends and family over access to power sockets because you will have plenty of USB ports to use, for all your devices.

The installation of a plate that includes a USB plug socket isn’t difficult. If you have changed a regular socket outlet before, you will find this simple because it’s the same operation with a USB plug socket. You first need to turn off the power, then replace the old unit with the new, keeping note of cable markings for live, neutral and earth. Installing the new one should be quite straightforward but if not you can simply follow the product’s instructions on how to install it correctly. If in doubt consult your local electrician. Your new plate with at least one USB plug socket will now allow you to charge all your devices while also leaving the other sockets available for regular use. These socket outlets with integrated USB are available in standard white plastic twin plate, and single plate. Also available from Knightsbridge screwless range we have twin plate and single plate in a selection of different slimline finishes. Also now available in twin plate single electrical outlet and 4no. (quad) USB ports

Purchasing and installing a USB plug socket will bring you nothing but benefits to your home by making device charging simple without constantly unplugging other devices to make room for your charger.

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