Differences Between Rope Lights and Strip Lights

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Illuminate your rooms with conventional light, and you will realize that there is a big difference between traditional strip lights and LED rope lights. While the two produce the same light amount, the incandescent bulb can barely be touched since it is too hot. The excess energy will, therefore, be wasted. So, what is the hullaballoo about RGB LED neon rope light?

The future of commercial and residential lighting is definitely in LED, with recent advancements conquering challenging lighting businesses across the world. Companies are economical and focused on saving money and time.

LED technology is designed to help slash the waste away. That is why the best-performing watt that equals the LED bulbs consumes roughly 80% less energy than the strip lights.

With their ability to save energy and lower costs, LED rope lights are preferred by many. Besides, their vast potential to enhance performance is an added benefit to lifelong maintenance savings. LED rope lights are also driving an energy-efficient revolution of lighting.

Most of the world’s lighting accounts for roughly 20 percent of universal consumption, while 5 percent of the global greenhouse relies on greenhouse emissions.

Plus, about 1 billion people do not have access to revolutionary energy services, such as reliable lighting.

For such individuals, hazardous energy sources such as kerosene seem to be the best option.

LED Rope Lights

Since they come in flexible strips, LED rope lights are often used for accent lighting coupled with other outdoor applications.

Following their spacing in a single strip, they are efficient sources of lighting used for various tasks.

Other than that, if a bulb in the rope burns out, there is no way to replace it, given the housing construction.


LED Rope Lights

The LED rope light is an enclosed string of various systems in an LED bulb surrounded by a special PVC jacket. The design of the rope makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting. Also referred to as the first generation of different LED products, rope lighting is incredibly useful in many ways.

Breaking it down

  • Cost- rope lighting is expensive
  • It comes in single colors, including red and green.
  • The voltage varies in many ways from about 24V to 140V

Strip Lights

  • LED strip lightsare flexible and inexpensive
  • Their brightness is a factor to consider when choosing between the two.
  • Their voltage is another factor to consider when selecting the proper lighting for your needs.
  • The flexible strips such as rope lights come in different colors.


The two lighting types are flexible and ideal options in transitioning to LEDs. They also serve their purposes perfectly. The customization that comes with strip lighting is what makes it more preferred than rope lighting.

Final Thoughts

It is that time of the year again- you can bring on the sniffles coupled with the pollen and other chores lingering on your mind from last year. Spring cleaning may be a drag without a doubt. But it also gives you the chance to rediscover every hidden thing in your house. Whatever you decide- to donate or reorganize your home, lighting comes a long way in making those changes.

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