Why Buy the Double Row LED Strip Light?

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You have probably heard of an LED strip light and how it is used. The strip light in layman’s language is a strip or cord populated with lighting bulbs of single or multiple colors. The strip can be as long as 5 meters and can be cut short to an inch long. When thinking about the double row LED strip, think of 2 parallel streams of bulbs in one strip, making it more efficient. Here are advantages if you would like to know if the double row led strip lighting is right for you.


LED strips are made with a material comprising polyimide, which covers the layer of copper meant for the circuit board. Polyimide is a durable and flexible material that is heat resistant. The copper is coated with three polyimide layers, making the LED strip more durable and robust to handle regular bends and normal wear and tear.

2.Environmentally Friendly

The double row LED strip is environmentally friendly in that it saves energy in consuming less power. It receives a direct current of just 12 volts, the same as a single row LED strip making high energy efficient.

The material used in making the strip is recyclable too. Polyimide is known to hydrolyze faster than regular plastic, and this makes it a more efficient material to use in making the strips. It makes the double row LED strip light to reduce environmental pollution and destruction.

3.Safe for Family Use

For families looking for safer light for projects, then installing LEDs is one of those DIY projects. The Direct Current of 12 volts makes it safer to handle since the human body can handle 50 volts. 

The double row strip becomes safer to handle without the risk of electrocution. Children can also handle the strips easily with supervision from parents, of course.

4.More Lighting

As the name suggests, it’s a double row LED strip. This means it produces more light. If you’ve seen a single row LED strip light, then you know how bright a double row LED can be.

The double row led light strip produces 119 watts more than the single row LED strip. If you are looking to get more Lighting, it’s a no brainer to use it.

5.Easy to Install

LEDs require adhesive to install. This principle of application makes it appealing and easy to set up. You do not need any specific skill to stick these adhesive ropes to the right places.


LED strips are affordable compared to other means of decorating as far as Lighting is concerned. The double row strip is cheaper than installing a new chandelier in the room or getting new bulbs or lamps to use in the room.

Final Thoughts

Doubled row LED strips are an essential consideration when buying LED strips. From it being more environmentally friendly to other means of adding Lighting to being safer for family use, makes it the better choice for most people. Most adults enjoy spending time with their families, and children enjoy doing projects with their parents. What better way to do so than with some LED strips and have some fun decorating the house?

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