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We love being in a technology-driven industry because new developments are being made each day. It brings us great pride that we work closely with the supplier of the Knightsbridge brand who are very forward thinking when it comes to new advancements, resulting in some pleasant surprises both to ourselves and to our customers.

If you can’t already tell, we are passionate about LED lighting here at LED Lightworld. LED bulbs are energy efficient, long lasting and just as bright as their traditional or halogen counterparts. Because of their small size, ideas like LED flex have become a reality. This nifty development in interior lighting may be worth considering if you are looking at illuminating the inside of a display cabinet or cupboard. It is provided on a reel with an adhesive backing, meaning that a successful installation thankfully comes with minimum effort. One important consideration is to plan where your cabling and related accessories are going to sit; not only is safety paramount, but placing cables in plain sight does tend to lose the magic somewhat. If you are concerned about safety, rest assured that the LED flex has a remarkably low operating temperature, which might help with regards to your decisions on placement.

So where can LED flex be used? The pleasant, ambient light is incredibly versatile. We have already discussed cabinet lighting, some of our customers report stunning results when installed underneath upper kitchen cabinets, with the flex shining down onto the worktop. Cupboard space above the flex allows for the cabling to be hidden, and added visibility on worktops is always a bonus. Some lines of LED flex are compatible with colour changing accessories, which make this and our other LED colour change products ideal for use in sensory rooms for those with special needs; or simply a kids’ bedroom or playroom with a funky twist.

Our top pick for cool kitchen connoisseurs is the range of pop-up power sockets. The kitchen is one room in the house where room is most likely to come at a premium; the creators of the Knightsbridge brand know this all too well. Pop-up power stations are an interesting and practical solution. They have a small, sleek, round profile on the counter surface when not in use, and can be extended with ease revealing 3x standard 3-pin power sockets. Because the pop-up fitting requires a space to retract into, the placement of such a device will have to be carefully thought out. It may be a case of weighing up the ideal placement for socket usage against the potential loss of a little cupboard space. You will also have to consider the space above the installation, taking into consideration how far up the fitting stands when extended. Will it be too tall to extend fully considering the placement of existing cupboards?

Don’t let this dissuade you, especially if you use a lot of handheld devices, are a lover of music, or both; we carry a version of our pop-up socket installation with 2x USB charging sockets (5V DC 2.1A), and a bluetooth enabled 2W RMS speaker (featuring a 3.5mm audio socket for devices without bluetooth connectivity), as well as 2x 3-pin power sockets. Any static wall-mounted desk or worktop with a thickness of 14-50mm, which is located in a place where sockets are required but space is scarce, can benefit from a pop-up installation

So if you are looking for something that fills a specific niche or just something a little quirky, LED Lightworld have you covered. Take time to peruse our ranges, you might just find some unusual gems that we haven’t mentioned here. Happy browsing!

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