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garden lighting

As a nation, we British love our gardens. We spent hours in them: socialising, eating meals, playing with our children, mowing the grass, gardening, growing vegetables and much more. However, as soon as the sun goes down, we all too often go inside and shut the curtains on our little outdoor paradises.

But why is this? After all, the recent advances in long-lived LED lighting and outside electrical cabling have made outdoor lighting more affordable than ever. Gardens can look just as special in the dark as they do during the day.

Are you put off by the thought of installing an outside electrical system? Please don’t be. Laying the cabling necessary for most outdoor lighting systems is easy and inexpensive. Many people prefer to lay it themselves but there is also the option of hiring a tradesman. Steel Wire Armoured, or Armorflex cabling is weather resistant and safe to be around flowerbeds and lawns, as well as areas where children and pets play.

Could your garden benefit from being lit up at night? It’s a distinct possibility; here’s why:

Top 5 reasons your garden needs outdoor lighting

1.Enjoy your gardens for longer
Sometimes you aren’t ready to come inside when the sun goes down. Whether you’re entertaining friends, relaxing in a hot-tub, reading in a hammock or enjoying a glass of wine with a loved one, long summer evenings are what memories are made of. Subtle lighting techniques such as installing ground lights around focal point or at the edge of a path will provide enough light to continue socialising without being overpowering.

2.Safety & security
If you regularly venture into your garden after dark, don’t rely on a torch to light your path. LED floodlights or  outdoor wall lights, operated by a motion sensor, will make your travels much safer. They cast a wider range of light than a torch so that you can be sure the path ahead is clear. You can focus the lights on potential hazards such as steps, decking (which can often be slippery when wet) or hilly areas.

3.It’s beautiful
Lighting can make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your garden. Illuminating a focal point such as a tree, sculpture or water feature can create wonderful theatrical effects. Using spike lights to throw shadows will create a dramatic feel to your garden.

4.Peace of mind
By our very nature, we are curious things. If you hear a noise in the garden, you want to know what caused it. Constant lighting (e.g. from bollards) allows you to immediately look out to see the cause of the raucous. Motion sensors or proximity lighting will alert you to movement on your property.

5.Pet spotting!
Have you ever tried looking for a black Labrador at night-time? Let me tell you, it’s tricky! Adding some light to your garden makes it much easier to keep an eye on your pets when they use the garden after dark. Bollards around flowerbeds or areas that your dog/cat likes to frequent might be the best garden light option for you.

How to choose the best garden lights for your home

Deciding you need outdoor lighting is easy. Choosing which lighting equipment to take advantage of is where it gets interesting! Have a look at some of the outdoor lighting remote control units available to control upto 5 lighting circuits in your garden. Not sure? Get in touch with a description of your garden and what areas you want lit up and we’ll guide you to the optimum products for your specific needs.

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