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outdoor lighting

As the weather is (slowly) starting to get warmer, our minds turn to outdoor projects, both large and small. Keen gardeners will be well aware of the vast array of electrical equipment available out there for outdoor use. Switches, power sockets and junction boxes are all available; so whether you are embarking upon a large lighting project, looking to supply electricity to an outbuilding, or simply a safe place to plug your lawnmower in, there are plenty of options available to you. Our catalogue offers many of these solutions, so take a look at our outdoor accessories range to get you started.

Let’s get the basics out of the way first. Any electrical installation that is open to the elements needs components which are well insulated and specially formulated for outdoor use. Carefully think where you are going to place your cabling; if it is going to run through the ground, plan to bury it deep enough that it will not be disturbed by regular gardening activities such as mowing the lawn or weeding, and if you have pets that like to dig, avoid places where they could unearth cabling. This being said, whether doing it yourself or employing labourers, be aware that there may be a lot more effort involved than you may have initially planned or budgeted for. Also be aware of the regulations surrounding exterior installations; you must be or employ a “Part P“ registered electrician in order to install any 240v electronics outdoors.

This all sounds very dry and daunting, but as with all plans, putting the effort in at the planning stage pays off in the long run.

LED lighting runs much cooler than other types of lamp, and is usually more hardy. This makes it perfect for exterior use. An increasing amount of LED exterior lighting is compatible with GU10 bulbs, a commonly available lamp. Knightsbridge online carry a variety of these lamps, including ones in funky primary and secondary colours, some with a colour change facility.

Wall lights are available in a number of styles. Up/down lights shine a spotlight both up and down, adding extra visibility whilst creating a contemporary and interesting light profile. Wall-mounted GU10 angled spotlights make light work of showing off a focal point, or illuminating a spot just out of reach. Simple downlights create a functional and attractively diffused downward light for practical use but with a stylish modern twist. For those places where you are concerned about a direct light shining into a neighbour’s property or otherwise being a potential nuisance, you may wish to consider one of our outdoor diffuser lights. Available with a brushed Stainless Steel cover, in a selection of patterns, they are best placed by a back or front entrance for optimal practicality.

Ground lights are an easy way to add a slick and modern finish to a garden, back or front. One popular look is to install a row of lights along one side of a path, patio or driveway. If you are concerned about installing ground lights near a driveway – don’t be. We stock a range of fittings that can withstand a weight of 1000kg when driven over slowly. There are also ground lights formulated for use with wooden decking; the underneath profile of many of these lights is flat, so they are great for decking where the flooring underside is visible from lower levels.

If you like the idea of a ground-mounted light fitting, but require a little more of an angled, spotlight effect, then spike-mounted LED ground lights could be just what you are after. Installation is easy, and it is a great way to draw the eye to a focal point such as a water feature. Our GU10 LED spike lights feature sleek and versatile looks to suit most tastes.

Security is a priority for us all, and security floodlights are an important element of keeping your property safe. However floodlighting can also be used for decorative purposes. Colour change LED floodlighting creates a quirky, yet polished look; especially when twinned with focal points, water features and exotic plants.

Even the balmiest of summer evenings can become quite chilly when the sun goes down. For those keen on throwing parties that go on until the wee hours we also stock outdoor infrared heating solutions that can be mounted on a wall or pole.

We hope that this article has helped you on your way to your dream garden. If you have any specific technical concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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