Its time to switch to LED parking lot lights

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4.LED parking lot lights
4.LED parking lot lights

Parking lot lights are essential aspects in commercial as well as large residential areas. The lights help to significantly improve the rate of security in the parking lots and the areas surrounding it for both pedestrians, vehicle owners, and the vehicles as well. The lights also assist in ensuring safety when driving cars in and out of the parking lots at night. It is always wise to have parking lot lights on during the ensure night period for maximum effectiveness. While this is beneficial for the users of the parking lot, it means more costs for the owners of the commercial buildings or businesses. For these reasons, most people are turning to LED parking lot lights.

Benefits of LED parking lot lights over other types of parking lot lights

  • LED Vs Incandescent lights- LED lights offer more advantages than incandescent lights as they use up less energy. Incandescent lights work by passing light through a filament which heats up to produce light. This process leads to energy wastage in the production of heat. Compared to incandescent lights, LED lights save up to 10000 hours’ worth of light and more.
  • LEDs Vs CFLs- CFL lights work in such a way that electric current is allowed to flow between two electrodes. The electrodes are situated at the end of a tube filled with gas and coated with phosphorous. The heat hits the coating causing it to change into light. On the other hand, LEDs produce light when energy is passed through a semiconductor. Compared to LEDs, CFL lights use up more energy hence are more costly. CFLs also take up to thirty seconds to start while LEDs do not suffer this challenge.
  • LED lights Vs Fluorescent lights- Fluorescent light is omnidirectional while LED light is directional. This feature can be looked at as an advantage over LEDs or not, depending on the application. For instance, when looking for a desk light LEDs are the way to go and when looking for a conference hall light, fluorescents are the way to go. In terms of energy consumption, LEDs are more energy efficient by far. Also, Fluorescent lights emit UV lights which are harmful to the eye. Between the two, LED lights are also more durable, more rugged and better in terms of quality of lighting.

Switching from standard parking lot lights to LED parking lot lights

Consider the following factors;

  • Cost of replacing and disposing of the existing the fixtures
  • Cost of installing and purchasing the new lights against the cost of maintaining the old ones
  • Usability of the existing fixtures
  • Cost of maintenance for the new lights and the reception
  • Ease of installation of the new lights

Take Away

Parking lot lights are similar to area lights and outdoor lights. The main similarity between these types of lights is that they are mostly aimed at enhancing security outdoors. Maintenance of these lights is the costliest aspect because they are exposed to elements like weather and theft. Controlling the lights is also a challenge that can only be solved by automizing them.

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