Switching To LED For Parking Lot Lights, What Do We Need To Know?

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Parking Lot Lights
Parking Lot Lights

Keeping your parking lot efficiently lit is one of the best decisions you can make in this crime-dominated era. However, it is a costly venture that needs sufficient monetary resources. Gaining access to a source of light that can spread throughout the parking lot is a significant challenge for business owners. Of course, employees and customers would find it challenging to walk through a poorly lit parking area. For that reason, you need to take note of some aspects when switching to LED for parking lot lights. Here are a few things to note in LED lighting for the parking lot.

  • Comparing LED’s Anatomy With HIDs Parking Lot Lights

HIDs are known as gas-discharged arc lamps where light is transmitted through the electrical current. Usually, this wavelength travels between ionized gas as well as electrodes. At the same time, a form of gas is utilized to determine if the HID is mercury-based or sodium-based. In the end, everything will be sealed in a glass capsule of quartz.  The LED parking lot light anatomy is quite different. It utilizes a reliable form of technology in converting electricity to light. The LED modules are often made up of small light bulbs known to be semiconductors of light. The elements are usually fitted into a specific electrical circuit.  

  • Energy Costs

With HID fixtures as your parking lot lighting, you will be consuming more than half the total energy. But, LED parking lot lights will play a significant role in saving you from the high electricity costs you may have been parting with in the past. By switching to this option, you will be choosing a direct replacement for about 400-watts. This is approximately 200 watts less than the same wavelength of light consumed by HID fixtures.  

Parking Lot Lights
  • Color And Brightness

HID light fixtures have a slightly lower color-rendering index. This refers to the much a light source can reveal the actual color of people and their environment. Typically, an HID bulb may range from zero to approximately 60 of metal halide. On the other hand, LED light fixtures to have a way of delivering uniform yet focused light coupled with fewer glares. Following the crispy look emitted by the light waves, LED parking lights to come with improved visibility.  

  • A Look At Pole Placement

You would agree that there are various parking lot layouts. This implies that every parking lot light is appended to a tall pole. From a vantage point, this light can easily illuminate the entire parking lot area. Since LED light is known for its ability to offer more light, it can easily be tailored to suit your needs. This implies that you can use slightly lesser light poles compared to what you would have used in the case of conventional parking lot lighting.


Installing LED parking lot lighting is an excellent decision for individuals running different businesses on commercial premises. This can be a perfect choice for construction sites around you since it can save you thousands of dollars in your lifetime.

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