Floor Lamp

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History of light goes back all the way to fire, of course. Fire was not only light, but a symbol of joy and of life-giving power, as darkness was of death and destruction. Fire is the most mysterious and impressive of all elements. In many primitive religions of the world, fire was considrered divine and omniscient. Cultures through out the ages have had sacred fires and ceremonial lights. Torches and lamps were carried in religious processions. And several religions kept a fire burning at all times because it was considered sacred.

 Today, we taking lighting much for granted because it is commonplace and it takes only a flip of a switch to dispell darkness. Of course the advent of electicity has also made lighting unique and beautiful. For instance, a simple

floor lamp not only eliminates darkness, but some are designed to resemble the old type torch, as well as beauty to a room. They are called touchiere lamps.

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